Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September update

Things are still moving along.

Jeff and JJ starting on the second floor and roof assembly.

Little Sophie and her daddy.

Jeff, my dad and JJ are getting close to tying the addition into the main part of the house.  So exciting!

I'm feeling a bit soggy in the head lately as I'm trying to readjust to school.  It's always hard for me to say goodbye to summer and get back into that routine.  It usually seems to take me a few weeks but, sooner or later, the kids and I get a good rhythm going and before I know it another school year is over leaving me trying to adjust to summer and all its busyness.  It happens to me year after year and I'm always a little overwhelmed by it.
  My mom was over the other day while we were doing school and she mentioned she really misses it (homeschooling).  I don't think she knew it, but those few words gave me a dose of perspective that I've been needing.  The time I have with my kids is short lived so I need to make the most of it and savor it while I can. :)