Monday, December 21, 2015

Fall 2015

Hello!  I hope everyone is doing well.  We've been sick off and on since late October or early November, but as of right now, everyone is back on top.  I hope and pray we stay that way for a while!

A few months ago we caravaned to Ikea with my family to get a few things including and most importantly a new dining table.  The seven of us have been eating around the same little table that Jeff and I bought as newly weds many moons ago.  I'll be keeping that table in the same little corner of the house because it works well for crafts and school and has so many great memories etched into its top.  Now we gather around a table that seats up to twelve which means each kid gets their very own chair!  They're loving that but I kind of miss all of us crowding around the little table, sitting elbow  to elbow with them.

We broke it in on Thanksgiving and plan to fill it up again on Christmas so we're already making great memories at this table too.

I've recently been on a crazy crocheting jag where I crocheted chargers for each of our Thanksgiving dinner plates then declared to the children that there shall be only crocheted ornaments allowed on the Christmas tree this year.

I did eventually allow glass bulbs and a few candy canes on the tree, BUT THAT'S IT!  Everything else must be crocheted.  That's just the kind of mood I'm in.

I made gingerbread houses for everyone to decorate this year and my palms were bruised and sore for a couple of days afterward from rolling out all that dough.  This is something my mom has done a lot of for everyone and I had no idea it was so physically demanding, but I could just be wimpy.

Last week Jeff built this breakfast bar out of a huge, solid piece of mahogany that friends gave us years ago. We've been lugging it around with from house to house waiting for just the right project and this was finally it.  I couldn't be happier with it.  He ran metal pipes into the wall and then into holes he drilled in the back of wood to give it a floating look.  He's so creative! 

Now for some really exciting news...we have a second bathroom!!!


There's still some work to do but the toilet and sink are functional which are the most important parts to us.  We'll be tiling the wall behind the sink and there's trim and the shower to finish.

You have to walk through a small construction zone to get to it which makes it too scary for the little girls to use when it gets dark but I'm okay with that.  Less sharing that way.

Oh, and one more very exciting thing is mostly done...the deck has a roof!

Those are all the major updates on the house I can think of so till next time, Merry Christmas!