Monday, September 21, 2009

I married a gearhead

We didn't go to the land this weekend. It rained all day Saturday and would have kept me from going and since I usually have such short labors Jeff decided to stay home with me and not risk missing it. Welp, no baby came but Jeff did get to play, I mean work on his baby. Would you like to see it?

Isn't it precious??? He's so proud of this baby he wants me to show you plenty of pictures of it, so hang on!

He's building it from scratch (can't you tell?) He made the frame himself, the body came from a 1951? ford pickup, the grill thing is from a 1931 ford and the motor is out of a van...

Look, it even has bucket seats! Would you believe there's an actual name for this style of car? What would you call it? A rat rod? How did you know??? That's exactly what they're called. Can't imagine why though. heh heh

Jeff had a lot of fun and I had really enjoyed having him around the house all weekend. He's been working very hard eight days a weeks since mid July so I'm glad he got a break to play with his favorite hobby. It won't hold five kids when it's finished but it will get Jeff and me to a little weekend get away someday!

I'm not sure when we'll get back to the house project. Hopefully not too much longer and don't worry, Jeff's taste in cars is no reflection of my (or his) taste in houses!

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