Monday, May 10, 2010


Thanks to everyone that shared advice with me about my last post.  I'm going to give Etsy a try, God is watering my garden this week (thank you Lord) and potty training is just plain hard.

It's time for a reminder of what this blogs all about and where we're going.  Things around the house have slowed down as we've taken time to work around the property.  We'd like to have a well groomed area around the house to enjoy which has required cutting down a few trees and a lot of mowing.  The property is wooded and most of the front two thirds is so thick with woods it isn't mowable, but the area where the house is tucked away is really shaping up.  As far as the house goes, we're hopefully getting ready to kick into high gear again and get it finished by sometime this fall.  We've already got nine or ten months in the house but we've Jeff has done all the work in our Jeff's spare time with the help of friends and family.

This was originally the look I was going for...

Bora Bora.
but it just isn't happening. 
I couldn't convince Jeff to haul in a bunch of sand and flood the place with salt water.

Here's what it still looks like on the outside minus the building debris and the kids zip line.

Things haven't changed since the winter due to the weather and short daylight hours, but we'll be adding siding soon and a front porch that goes across the front of the house.

Amelia Park, Fl.
This has the colors of siding we want and the front porch look we want.

This little cottage is just adorable.

Lowe's Kit House

For my greatest and favorite inspiration you'll have to visit Ross Chapin's super-duper-amazing cottages.  I love the details and the efficiency of his houses.  Jeff and I have been fans of his for a few years and I get weak in the knees every single time I browse his website.  I'd love to incorperate as much similar detail into the exterior of my house (the interior details are wonderful too.)

Another big undertaking will be the upstairs.  Nothing has changed up there but we'll have two bedrooms and a half bath all clad with the wood planks on the walls like the first floor. 

The larger bedroom will have four built-in twin beds with storage under the beds and the smaller bedroom will have two built-in twin beds.  It will be all about efficiency and organization up there because that's how my kids are.  (Ha!  I wish.) 

I love the simplicity of this bedroom.  

Country Living
The kids rooms will have vaulted ceilings too.

Now, back to the first floor.

We need to finish things like trim, floors and kitchen cabinets and when the kitchen is done I'd like it to have a similar look or feel to this one.

Coastal Living
We'll have white painted cabinets and concrete counter tops and, of course, my blue stove.

I'd love to have a Big Chill refrigerator too, but at $3,500 a pop, I'm not holding my breath.

The bathroom is getting closer to the look I love.


Country Living's.

And the master bedroom is coming along too.

  Right now I'm trying to decide if I'd rather have wood or carpet in there.  There are things I love and hate about both and I'm leaning toward wood, but we'll see.  We came EXTREMELY close to buying carpet for it yesterday but I really think I'd rather have all wood on the first floor and a few large area rugs. 
What do you guys think about carpet vs. wood?


  1. I have to say wood 100%. It's sooo much easier to clean and it's so rich in texture and adds a lot to a room. We just moved into a house with ALL wood, and I LOVE it. I always felt like my carpet was never clean. No matter how many times I vacuumed/steam cleaned. Especially with pets and kids. And if you want something soft, you can always put down a rug.

    Just my two cents though! = )

  2. I love the feel and warmth of carpet, but wood just says "cottage" and is so much more classic. I love rugs even though they are expensive. You can add fluff and warmth that way. Your house looks beautiful and so cozy!

  3. I vote you keep the wood, and just add an area you can change up a carpet easily to go with the season - cotton or sisal in the summer, creamy shag for the winter :)

  4. While I love the feeling of carpet, I would take wood anytime. You can always use a throw rug. I have wood all over, and just love it. {I do have seagrass in our bedroom, but that's the only room!} xo Lidy

  5. I love wood floors, but it can be nice to step on carpet in the morning when it's freezing. But I guess that's what area rugs are for!

  6. I would love to go to Bora Bora. It looks so wonderful.

  7. Wood floors. You can always put down rugs for warmth or to change it up a little. I removed all the new carpet in my house the day I closed on it. I uncovered beautiful wood floors and am so happy. (My first blog post.)I think wood floors can be kept cleaner also.

  8. I am so lovin' your home!! I think wood floors. We had them in our rental and I just love the character they add. We just had area rugs for the warmth and decor they add.
    I am surprised at how similar your home and the Lowe's one is.

  9. Oh, on the potty training front...we didn't train our first, a boy, until the nursery coordinator sent me an email saying it was time for him to be moving on out. He was over 3 years old!! I totally believe in not rushing things. :)

  10. I would go with wood!
    Love your bathroom, and am excited to see more is a headache all the construction and building on your own, but from our experience, so worth it!

  11. Wood for sure! I have all wood except in three bedrooms I thought it would be more comfy for the kids. The carpet is less than a year old and already I'm regretting it. Suckers and gum have gotten stuck, drinks spilled, And we don't even allow any of that in their bedrooms...hmm. Cottages look great with all wood. Just found your blog, love your farm cottage. Will enjoy looking at all your back posts.

  12. Well, Since you have radiant heating I say keep the wood, but, if the funds are there I would have a rather large "rug" made from the carpet you like (rug padding and all). I think it would be nice to have the option of a cozy floor covering or all wood whenever you feel like it. I very much dislike cleaning carpet but oh how I love the feel :) A couple days ago oh so sweet Anessa felt the need to give our carpets a beautiful, BRIGHT manicure! Thankfully the polish came up...sigh :)

  13. Hi Celeste,
    Wow!! Your home is going to be beautiful when it gets finished!!
    I love the idea of the built-in bunk beds in the bedrooms. I wish I had bunk beds for my kids, because they always wanted to sleep together when they were very little (they're 9 and 12 now); they still do sometimes.:)
    Your bathroom and master bedroom are gorgeous!! Love the contrast of the galvanized metal and the ruffled shower curtain.
    I love the colors your picking for your fun!!
    Thanks for the warm welcome to Blog Land. I'm enjoying meeting so many nice and talented people. Nice meeting you. Take care, :) ~ Jo

  14. Hi Celeste! I really love the color of the siding of your Cottage. It's going to be Fabulous!!!
    About carpet x wood...I'll definately vote wood!
    I have a big aversion to carpet and would love to change the main floor here to wood. But I don't think it's going to happen. Anyway, wood is much easier to clean, and Yes!!! go ahead with nice area rugs!
    I hope it helps...
    hugs, Li :)

  15. Your home is going to be gorgeous! Love all your inspiration pics, some of my favs too. I vote for the wood floors and adding area rugs. Thanks for you sweet comments on my post yesterday, very appreciated. deb

  16. Hey! I found you blog via Blog Frog from you dropping in on mine! LOVE your bathroom and I have been thinking about the same in ours after picking up the copy of Country Living that had that bathroom. Have you had any trouble keeping the metal nice? I'm curious of the wear and tear on it.

    Caitlin @ That House on the Corner

  17. Celeste,

    I have all original hard wood planking but there are days I miss carpeting.

    I am waiting patiently for your Etsy store's grand opening!

    Also, wanted to invite you to enter my giveaway.

    Your Friend,

  18. I think the wood and the white look so classy and country together. Just found your blog...I look forward to following your journey in your new home!

  19. So many exciting decisions! Wood floors with rugs is my vote. I think the zipline is pretty cool, too! :)

  20. I just stumbled upon your blog and I just have to say your house is awesome! I love all the unique little touches you are putting into it (especially the sliding blue door and the plank walls)! Thank you so much for the inspiration. Oh and I would say wood with rugs. We got carpet in our house we bought 2 years ago and I so wish we would have opted for wood when we had the chance!

  21. I would love wood, or maybe laminate wood which is a little softer on the tootsie's. Add a area rug for some softness.