Monday, January 17, 2011

Girls dorm part 2

It's the middle of the night and I'm ailing a bit so I figured I'd post an update on the girls room.  I always hate to read on someone's blog that they're sick.  It causes me to hold my breath and read as quickly as I can or even only scan the pictures if it's an extra long post.  I occasionally have sympathy illness symptoms. 

Having said that, I don't know why I then feel compelled to share with you how I'm feeling at the moment.
Possibly because I hate to keep secrets.

I'm sorry if any of you struggle with hypochondria, which I feel is an underrated disorder worthy of a foundation.  Let's start one, shall we?  Hypochondriacs unite!

Don't worry though, I won't tell you any of the symptoms of what I may or may not have so that you can't get it.

Let's move on, mkay?

Once we covered the ceiling with pine boards it was time to build some doorways and short walls.

Jeff is doing the hokey pokey in what will be the girls bedroom door.  Directly behind him is the doorway to what will be their walk-in closet.

Once that was done, it was time to move on to the short walls.
Before we could build them, however, Jeff decided to add some chalk to his chalk line thing which became clogged or something because he then began pulling out all 3,000 feet of string which dumped a significant amount of bright blue chalk on the floor, then he rewound the string, then he repeated the entire process several more times. 

Here, let me show you...

OCD much, Jeff? 
They have medication for that you know.
(You know I love you anyway, Jeff,  right?)

Once I finished the collage and went back upstairs only to find him still messing with it, I ripped the dadgummed thing from his hands and tossed it out the window...not really, but I wanted too.

He did finally give it up when I suggested that we use the other fully functional chalk line thing sitting in the tote behind him.

I have, in the past, diagnosed him with child induced dementia so I'll just assume he forgot he had the other one and move on with this post.

Finally, the short walls. 
Did you know you build the wall on the ground first and then raise it into place and nail it in?
You would think I'd have known that being married to a man who used to build houses for a living.

Yep, easy peasy. 

The short walls are about three feet tall.

Then it was time to cover all the walls in pine.

It's apparently a good idea to put as many nails in a board as it will hold.  Otherwise, it just might POP right off the wall.
Because OCD is not one of the disorders I suffer from, I will not be filling the nail holes. 
Nope, I just paint right over them and call it character because we could all use a little more character, couldn't we?

And there you have it.

More later...I'm feeling much better so I'm going to bed now!

I've been popping vitamin C's during this entire post and I'm already beginning to feel tip top again.
You should google vitamin C therapy sometime, it's pretty effective.

P.P.S.  or is it P.S.S?  I forget.
Anyway, funny soon as I finished this post, google flashed me an "anti-anxiety" ad. Ha!
What are you trying to tell me, google?  Hmmm?
Just spit it out, for goodness sake!


  1. Ha Ha. Cute post. Men are just like that. When my kids were small and they got sick, I used to get what I called Sympathy Illness. Don't worry, you are not alone!

  2. What a cool room! My hubby suffers from the same thing, but he just chooses not to do projects because he can't get it just right. I need to hire your carpenter! Wine always helps me with my ailments :)

  3. It is coming along so great!! Loved this post! Yes wine is a great help especially after long days and large projects!! :)

  4. PPS - Post, Post Script.

    You crack me up! I loved this post!

    And I love the short walls and paneling. Will it be painted?

  5. This post gave me quite a few laughs, had to show it to my husband, knowing he would empathize!

  6. You're funny when you're sick. LOL! Love the pine walls, but my OCD would have me filling in every teeny hole even the ones that weren't made by mails but just there from the beginning. Thanks for the update! Lisa~

  7. Lol. I know you don't want to hear about my winter influenza this last week, but we have joked around here about me renewing my Virus Scan Software early. Maybe I'll get better faster. Nope. I'll live.

    Have you ever thought maybe your hubby likes that pretty blue chalk?

    Great walls. I am glad your home is slowly taking shape.