Saturday, June 20, 2015

Project wall

We moved out of the living room and back into the old part of the house.  I resisted that move as long as I could, probably too long, but now we're back in a good working grove and we have very defined goals to keep us on track.  We have six months left on our construction loan so we made a project board on the living room wall with post its to help us stay focused.  We are a list loving couple.

And now my living room looks like this...

Here's a side by side of the transition.

Pretty impressive before and after if I do say so myself.

A few years ago, back when lockers were all the rage, Jeff brought me several including a big set that we never got around to fixing up till just recently.  He stripped and repainted them for me and put them in the hall by the back door for us to use as shoe storage.

Jeff wasn't thrilled with the color I chose but I think it's a lot of fun and I know lockers are so 2010 but still, I LOVE them!  Kids dirty shoes have been the bane of my existence for years.  They were like a terrible infestation and I would continually consoled myself by saying they're just signs of all the precious kids that live here.  While that was very soothing and I was usually pretty good at overlooking them EVERYWHERE, I've got to say, I do not miss always seeing the shoes!  At some point down the road we may case them in with wood to give them a built in look.

I made a little video the other day, just for fun and one of the clips is of the kids painting mugs for themselves with ceramic paint.  I think they turned out so cute!

Right now, between typing sentences, I'm helping Jeff plank the walls in one of the upstairs bedrooms which is just one of the 154 post it notes on the project wall.

I set up a little blogging work area for myself nearby.  I like to keep the kids red play phone handy while I work in case I need to make an important pretend phone call.  It just makes it feel more official that way.

Here's the video documenting bits of an ordinary day for us if you're interested.  Just be sure to take your dramamine first because it's a little rough.



  1. Enjoyed the cute video! Your house looks like so much fun!!
    Good luck on your project wall, hope it all goes smoothly.

  2. Looking forward to an update soon😃