Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Please punish Jeff, not me!

*Just a note. This post has nothing to do with the house.*

*Oh, and Jeff put me up to this...I promise!*

My husband, who really is of legal marrying age, still loves to freak his mother out every chance he gets. I know, he's sooo immature like that sometimes. And because my mother-in-law has such a good sense of humor, I guess I'll oblige. Sorry Jackie...I love you...

Jeff wants me to show everyone what we ate for supper the other night...

Eeewww...I know. We had rare porter house steaks. Rare as in "Oh look mommy! Your baked potato is pink now!" said one of my children to me mid bite. It's terrible, I know. But it was sooo good! Really.

Jackie. Jackie!! Bob, will you pick her up off the floor, Jeff has more he wants me to tell her.

Mark, a friend at work, raised a few cows this year and we bought one at butchering time and split it with my parents and my cousin Ricky and his wife. So now we have a freezer full of steaks and roasts etc...which means it's time for me to learn to cook. We've had fully cooked steaks before and hate them because they're so tough, so we've been cooking them for shorter and shorter amounts of time to find out how we do like them and it turns out rare is dee-vine! Incidentally, they keep getting rarer to find out just how rare we like them. Justin, another guy at work, says he likes to cut off a bite before he even cooks it. Now that's rare! Don't worry, I don't think we'll be going that far. Wouldn't want the kids to become vampires or anything.

Anyway, the only reason we'd ever eat a steak this way is because we knew the cow. Well, the guy that raised the cow. Oh, and the butcher. Don't eat it rare if you don't know the butcher. We don't actually know him but we talked to someone real nice over at his place on the phone. That was good enough. We're trusting like that.

Besides opening our eyes to a whole knew way of eating, this experience has also taught us that 1/3 of a cow just isn't going to be enough for our family. We'd like to stock the freezer next time with enough beef to feed our family for a year which would most likely take one whole cow. So here's the other thing...are you feeling alright now Jackie?  Stay with me.  As I was saying, next year we plan to buy one of these...

We'll fence off an area on our land and raise it ourselves too. What??? Now you can't imagine eating another hamburger as long as you live? Oh sure, it's But just imagine when it's grown-up and smelly, poopin' big ole cow patties, swattin' flies and slingin' snot everywhere. Does that help? No? I'm sorry. Forgive me? Here, will this make you feel better?

For those of you who've never met my sweet mother-in-law, Jackie, she's a golf coarse living, country club loving, city girl who'd probably rather be having a "spa day" about right now. And she doesn't care to eat beef. She says "it tastes like an ole dead cow." (See, I told you she has a sense of humor.) Don't worry Jackie, we'll keep the freezer stocked with rabbit too for the next time you visit.
**I'm so ashamed of myself I feel the need to apologize to my own mother. "Sorry momma."**

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