Friday, January 8, 2010

Old Drinking Fountain.

I'm taking a quick breather to say hello to you all and give you a sneak peek at one of the many things we're doing that I'm SO excited about.

Need I say more?

Alright, for those of you who may not get it...yes, it's a drinking fountain.  I, of coarse meaning Jeff, plan on putting this in the hallway near the laundry closet.  Isn't that exciting???  I'll never have to wash a single cup again or walk around the house with one wet sock after stepping in a spilled drink that never got cleaned up when "I don't know" spilled it. It's going to be a dream!  That, and having a drinking fountain in the house is just plain cool!  I'd like to have a second one outside next to our outdoor shower!  We don't have an outdoor shower yet but that's on our list that has quickly become known as our "this spring" list.  As in, we're going to put siding on the house "this spring" and we're going to finish painting and install the window and door trim "this spring" and going to add a large front porch "this spring."  You get the idea.  Last night, Jeff, informed me that at the top of his "this spring" list is to finish his rat rod.  As long as the house is functional by then, that sounds good to me.  I'm not the kind of wife to nag at all (seriously) but, right now, I'm pulling a Kramer.  Remember the episode of Seinfeld when Kramer does everything while shower, including cooking?  Well that's where I'm at, except Kramer had a garbage disposal in his tub.  He's so lucky.  Anyway, cooking in the shower isn't as glamorous as they make it out to be on TV but that's all I have right now.  A shower.  Oh, and a toilet.  I'm not complaining, mind you, I'm just keeping you updated.  We knew from the beginning that the house would be far from done when we moved in, but I would prefer to at least have a sink and possibly a bathroom door by then.  Not that a door alone would do me that much good.  We'll also have to finish the transom above the door and the upper part of the wall between the bathroom and bedroom in order to really have privacy.  Right now I just have a shower curtain thrown through the transom.  Here, I'll show you.

It's visually private enough, I suppose, but a few more of the senses are in need of some privacy too, if you know what I mean.  Not that I do that.

This is taken from our bedroom and the glow in the ceiling is the light coming from the bathroom.  It gives of a nice ambiance at night as long as light is the only thing wafting over the wall, if you know what I mean.  Again, not that I do that.  My point is, I'd like for EVERYONE to get a little more privacy in the bathroom.  before "this spring."

Notice the light bulb dangling from the ceiling?  I can live with that for a long time.  Not that I'll have too.  Jeff hasn't given up now that were in.  He's still working.  If I remember right, the day we moved in, I only had a toilet to begin with so I'm really grateful for the shower too (which came around 11pm that night.)

Back to the drinking fountain.  I'd like to get it installed just as soon as possible because I've never been one to have my priorities in right.  It will attach to the wall with screws and only stick out about 9" and the bowl is 8"x4".  Perfect!

This brings me to where we got the water fountain.  One day last week, Jeff and JJ went by "the shop" that JJ's plumber boss, Reggie, owns.  Reggie and Jeff also know eachother from back when we were in the building business which is also how Jeff and JJ originally met.  Anyway, Reggie was at the shop and had some things around that he was getting rid of and offered them to Jeff.  This was one of those things.  He ended up giving us a bunch of great stuff that we were in need of.  (No, we didn't need a drinking fountain.  It's just the icing on the cake!)  Not only that, but all the items are even in styles that we love.  I'm going to save them for individual posts though, because they're all so awesome.  I can't wait to show you each one!  Thank you Reggie!!!!!


  1. Celeste,

    The water fountain is a great find! I'm not sure I could live without a door or a floor to ceiling wall in the bathroom but with no other option except outside behind a tree, I'd learn to make do -- no pun intended.


  2. hahaha that's cute Deborah. Isn't it so amazing that a few posts ago you were worried about your budget? I am sure that all of your worries are not gone but at least you've had a bit of help right! I love the idea of a drinking fountain in the house and I am wondering why it hasn't been thought of before... I think I would try to paint it to make the decor, maybe make it look destressed and antiquey or new and bold.. depending on what you are going for!

    I don't know if you know of this blog "Thrify Decor Chick": but she has lots of great ideas for thrifty decorating and I saw she made a lampshade not too long ago.

    Good luck with all your work!

  3. WHAT!!! That is AWESOME!!!! I think if we had a water fountain Roma would do nothing else but drink water out of it...and of course go potty:) In fact when its hooked up we may come over just to use it! that is, if we don't have the chiken pox anymore. We wouldn't do that to you, unless you wanted us too. :)

    Can't wait to see your other finds!!


  4. Way cool! What a great idea! Can't wait to see the after picture when it is installed!

  5. This is wonderful...all of it and especially the drinking fountain. My Mimi had one put in her house back in the 60s when it was built. And chalkboards before they were COOL. She had 2 put in. But she was a teacher at one time and oh the fun we had as kids getting to play school...and the water fountain was so exciting to us! Good ideas, loving the creativity! :)

  6. I love that , my kids would love that so much , super cool , I love neat little out of the box design.

  7. The water fountain is an AMAZING idea! Oh man. I wish i would have thought about that when we remodeled. So smart!

  8. Celeste -

    You have email.

    - Deborah

  9. What a neat go girl! Thanks for coming by for a visit...please come back again...the door is always OPEN! Hope you have a FUN day!