Monday, January 25, 2010

Are we there yet?

We have a lot of balls up in the air right now and things are feeling a bit chaotic, but, I'm sure this will all be behind me someday...when I'm dead.  Will you all abandon me if I continue to show you ugly stuff?  If you do, I understand.  Progress isn't always pretty so I'll try to ease you all into what's been going on around here.

We've put in a ceiling fan and a few light fixtures.

These lights make me giggle with delight every time I look at them!

I made some curtains from canvas drop clothes and I'm pretty sure I hate them.  And you don't even want to know what's going on behind the curtains!

We had other plans for the bathroom vanity but Jeff found a furniture style vanity with a granite top and under mount sink at Lowe's on clearance for only $111.  We decided not to pass up that deal which gives us more time to get everything together for what we really want to do in there and then we'll move this sink to the bathroom upstairs.

It's pretty like it is, but I think it's a bit to formal for my taste so I'm going to paint the wood a creamy white.

It didn't come with a faucet but we had on hand another one of Reggie's give away's to us!  It's very nice and excellent quality.  He also gave us a new faucet for our tub.  The one we had was brass and we weren't planning on changing it out any time soon because they're so dadgummed expensive.  This one from Reggie is perfect!

In the corner of the tub you can see what we're working on for the shower surround.  Yup, galvanized, corrugated metal.  Obviously we aren't finished with it yet, but we got the idea from this picture.

Country Living

Yesterday, Jeff got started on my kitchen cabinets.

It's going to be a big project that won't be finished for a while because he's building them himself, but tonight...tonight I get a kitchen sink.

I love this kitchen.

Coastal Living
 That's the new version of a retro stove similar to mine (same color anyway)  and I'd love to have that fridge!!!

There's a lot going on around here and a lot of it is far to gruesome to share so...  What's that?  You want to see the dirty, ugly truth?  Are you sure?  Okay, but I'm warning you, you might not want to come back after you see it.

Where do I begin?  How about the mud.

Jeff had to work outside in the mud because the building is a whole other days worth of work which really needs to wait till the mud is gone.

Naturally, the mud winds up on my boy's new pants and Jeff's boots which then wind up in the bathtub next to the dirty crock pot from last night's dinner that's waiting to be washed.  The good news is that now that I have a bathroom sink, the fresh from the chicken eggs, also waiting to be washed, can sit in a bowl in there until someone finds the time to deal with them rather than in the tub next to the boots and dishes.

And, of coarse, there's my oven, still waiting patiently in line for it's turn.

We also have the...  What?  Stop?  It's too much?  Shoot!  I knew it.

All future posts, from here on out, will depend on the supply of St. John's Wort I have on hand at the time of said future posts.


  1. Hey Celeste, it's Cindy from California! Wow, dishes in the bathtub! It brings back childhood memories. Anyway, I found this blog that you might LOVE...I know I do! This lady makes "knock-off" furniture and she gives you the plans and materials list so you can do the same. Give it a look. You'll be there for at least an hour!

    I love your lights! And I agree with you on painting the wood on the sink white. It would go better with the cottag-ey feel.

    I hope your mud dries out soon. California is getting drenched!

  2. Hi Celeste,

    You can't scare me. Bring it on! I love reading about all the progress you and Jeff are making! The lights are GREAT. Where did you get them? I think you're right -- paint the vanity and it will be a sure fit. Maybe a basket underneath for rolled towels? Also, you do realize that turquoise/aqua is now tres trendy -- so all the designers will be lusting over your stove! Skip the St Johns Wort and have a shot (or two or three) of Jack or Patty's.
    Your Friend,

  3. Hey gals! I'm glad you to know I didn't run you guys off.
    Cindy, I checked out the blog and you're right, I love it! I want Jeff to build the Farmhouse bed for us and a bunch of the Stratton daybeds with cubbies for the kids. I'm sure he'll want me to tell you "Thanks!" when I tell him my latest plans. ;)
    Deborah, Would you believe we got the lights at Lowe's, our home away from home? I'm with you on the basket full of towels. That would look great!

  4. Celeste,

    I looked at your vanity again and thought of another project to make it look less formal (I know Jeff is going to delete this comment before you see it!) But this one you can do! After painting it your creamy white you can print/write (stencil if you don't trust your hand or buy a vinyl stick on) that says WASH YOUR HANDS or something else of your choice in that framed off area in the front. Just a thought.
    I finally got another post up.
    - Deborah