Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Step One

Today's the day! Jeff and his friend JJ are already off to break ground on our little dream cottage. Jeff is renting an auger (the kind you can drive) and will be digging the holes for piers and trenching for the plumbing and electric. Yes, the house will be on piers. That's money saving tip number one. He'll dig the holes pour in a little concrete at the bottom to set his 6"x6"x6' wood posts on then fill in with more concrete. Oh, I guess money saving tip number one should be, do it yourself with the help of friends and family.

By the way, Jeff and I used to be in the home building business until that "bubble" EXPLODED!!! and knocked our feet right out from under us. I would design the houses and he would build them. That's part of our unique position...we have experience and tools. Our project is so simple though, that just about anyone could do it really. At some point I'll share the blueprints with you so you can see for yourself.

I am disappointed I won't actually be there to see the ground breaking for myself but I did send the camera with Jeff. However, I may be out there later this afternoon if it isn't raining. Naturally, there is rain in the forecast for today. It's been a rather wet summer which I fully appreciate so that I don't have to water my garden very often. I would insert a picture of said garden here except that Jeff has the camera which still holds that said picture. Hmmm...blogging takes a little planning and organizing doesn't it?

Speaking of gardens, one of our neighbors brought us some summer squash from his parents garden last night, so I think I'll go and make myself a yummy summer squash omelet for breakfast.

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