Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Recently we've been getting back in gear working on different projects around the house.  We finally got rid of the clanky metal extension ladder that we were using to get to the second floor.  That thing was really loud anytime the kids were shimmying up or down it and it's right in the middle of the house so it was a major eyesore too.  Since Jeff knew he would be needing the extension ladder to put the siding on he spent a day building and staining a new wooden ladder.

I also recently painted the front door which was still primer white.  I'm so ashamed that I waited so long.  There's just no excuse for not painting a door.  My bathroom door still hasn't been painted either.  Maybe I'll get that done this week if I can decide on a color.  There's no sense in rushing these things, you know.

Like everything else in this house, it's pretty snug.  There's just enough room to get up or down with the door open. 

We still don't have any trim and I just recently painted my subfloors.  Trim and flooring are both near or at the very bottom of our very long to do list.  

Keeping my glass front door clean is also near the bottom of that list. 

The kids helped me out in my recent living room mini makeover by painting some 8" x 10" canvases for us to hang on the wall. 

I have six more canvases that I want them to paint and add to the "collection" when we find a spare day with nothing else to do.

I also recently made my very first slip cover following the video tutorial made by Miss Mustard Seed.  Jeff brought home this old office chair a while back that is very comfortable (and it rocks, spins and rolls which makes it a fun chair!!)

As you can see, it's kind of gross looking even though I've scrubbed it (and it doesn't smell even though it looks like it could be stinky!) I've had plans of reupholstering it but when I started taking it apart I found that the arms were attached magically and I could not figure out how to get them off without destroying them.  That's when I finally conjured up the courage to try making a slip cover, something I've always wanted to try but thought I could never pull off.  Oh my goodness!  It turned out to be another one of those things that I should have done a long time ago.  Slip covering is time consuming but way easier than I imagined.  At least it is the way Miss Mustard Seed does it.  Her video tutorial is excellent and she didn't leave out any details.

It's by no means perfect but I'm much happier with the chair now.  I used cheap canvas drop cloths from Amazon and I even made my own piping!  (She includes directions for that too.)  

Just a hint about drop clothes that I've "learned" the hard way (more than once):  If you buy the long skinny ones that are say, 15' x 4' you'll have fewer seams (if any) to work around as opposed to the larger, wider sizes like 9' x 12' which seem to always be full of seams like a patchwork quilt.  That hint is probably really late to the drop cloth party and most people have probably moved on the next thing...whatever that is.  I do pinterest, but I still don't always know what's going on in the decorating world outside my own microcosm. ☺

I don't think I've ever shared pictures of my (unfinished) kitchen or living room, but I think I'll post a little of that next time.



  1. You did a great job on your slipcover. I can just imagine what mine would look like!

  2. I've enjoyed reading about your project and your homestead. I discovered you when I did a google search for ideas on the bathroom we intend to put in our new home. We recently purchased an acreage and plan to move out by the end of the summer (should all go as planned).

  3. Celeste,
    I am always impressed by a girl that can sew. My mother was a seamstress and won awards before becoming a nurse. I am know kicking myself for not paying closer attention when she attempted to teach me. Now I will have to teach myself. Your slipcover looks great and gives new life to your chair. Looking forward to seeing more of your home and projects. We finally finished one of our bathrooms and posted about it here: Necessary Room on my blog.

  4. I mentioned your blog in a post. :o)


  5. I just found your blog after following the link from Mom to Many. You home is delightful. We are also trying to live a very frugal and simply lifestyle so I salute you and your efforts! The vast majority of us don't need nearly as much as we think we do! thank you for your inspiration. I am now a follower of your blog!