Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Jeff has been working on siding these past couple of weeks. We chose ash gray or is it grey? I think it might be both. Anyway, it's going up slowly but surely. I saw a house on pinterest that was all monochromatic grey that I fell in love with. It helped me make decisions on trim/trim color. We're doing minimal trim and painting most of it gray to match.



He has one side, the gables and the dormer still to do and it's harder and slower than he anticipated, but everything always is.  He's a very optimistic person.  We balance one another out.

This is the inspiration picture of a house done by Ken Pursley found here.


  1. It's looking great! I love gray.

  2. Love the gray! It's coming along!

  3. Celeste,
    Gray is the preferred spelling in American English although both are acceptable. I spell your house color beautiful! We started stripping the shutters and found out the original trim was red! This explains the stained glass red transomes over our doors. Happy painting!
    Your Friend,