Saturday, August 29, 2009

Chickens, Rabbits and Snow Plows

Good Morning! We got up early for a Saturday (or any day for me.) 6:17 am to be exact. Yes, the rooster. We figured out a way to keep him quite that's effective...when we remember. Every evening, after all the chickens go to bed we just shut the coop door. He doesn't get out until sometime after the sun comes up and the girls let them out to feed them. We forgot last night so he reminded us this morning. Jeff bolted out of bed and put the rooster back in the coop...mid crow. I'm sure the poor fella feels completely unappreciated. Oh dear. It's 7:46 am now and, no joke, the rooster is crowing in his coop! I peeked over the fence earlier and it looks like the neighbors windows are shut. Never mind about our effective anti-crowing methods.

The kids are outside right now on a rabbit hunt. Someone didn't shut the door very well on one of the cages and now he's spent the night in freedom. This happens from time to time and do you know where the rabbits love to go when they're free? Six feet over into the barn. They get a lot of play time with the kids who like to let them run around the yard a lot so they must not hold a grudge against us for making them live in cages.

Jeff was the first one to check in the barn and he didn't see the rabbit so we sent the kids to hunt for him everywhere else first. All to no avail, of coarse, but as soon as they opened the barn door, there he was. He usually comes right to them but this morning he must be feeling a little frisky because he's giving them a bit of a chase. Right now the kids are in the barn trying out the "scream like a banshee" method of catching a rabbit and that may be why the rooster is crowing...competition.

Jeff has gathered up his things and left us to catch the little bugger ourselves. He's on his way to the land to clean up around the place and start the floor assembly. My dad gave him his snow plow accessory for the mower so Jeff's going to try moving around a little dirt and debris (aka trash) with it.

Jeff also had some lumber delivered to the land for the floor so hopefully he'll actually be able to get to that this weekend. It's supposed to be sunny and 75 degrees today and tomorrow so this ought to be a good weekend!

I'll be there to take pictures later but first I've got to go to the store and get a few things for baby #5. It just dawned on me the other night that I don't have diapers or anything for him/her yet and we don't have much time left before he/she arrives...I hope!

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