Monday, August 10, 2009

Playing in the dirt

The weather wasn't fit for man nor beast this weekend but we survived, barely. Saturday, Jeff and the big kids headed out to work early while Evie and I stayed behind for a few hours to gather up some needed supplies and bake strawberry bread for our troops. Around noon, Evie and I showed up at the land to this...

Poor little Isaiah, working in the trenches trying to widen them for his daddy...all by himself! Awww. Not really. This is actually how they did it...

The kids took turns riding with Jeff while he dug and filled in holes and trenches, removed stumps and big rocks, leveled areas for the "barn" and storage buildings...the list of work he did with that thing goes on. I'm pretty sure this has been Jeff's favorite part so far. The auger/trencher he used a couple weekends ago just couldn't cut the mustard when it came to digging trenches due to all the rocks and he planned on renting this dozer/back hoe (?) anyway so he made the electric and plumbing trench deeper, wider and longer with it. It was a pricey rental (to me) at $295 including a $75 delivery fee for eight hours. I couldn't imagine doing all the work it did by hand though. Shew! That would be too much.

My parents and sister came out that afternoon too, which was a good distraction from the heat for me. All of us girls hung out and visited while we watched the guys work. Can you see the box fan on the bench? It's aimed at where I sit, heh heh.

Jeff and my dad finally got the electric and water line in the ground and buried.

Isaiah shadowed my dad all afternoon, doing everything he did. It's pretty sweet how much he loves his pa-pa.

By the end of the day everyone looked about like Evelyn.

And now, after struggling through posting all of these pictures, I'm about ready to fall off my chair. Soon, I plan to share with you all some of the deciding factors that are going into why and how we are designing the house the way we are. Thanks for reading!

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