Monday, March 8, 2010


I'm so excited to introduce everyone to my mom and my cousin who have just started their own blogs.  Hurray!

For those of you who've been with me for a while, you've already met them when they helped us build our cottage.  Maybe you remember this conversation momma and I had a few months ago.  And what about the story I shared with you about my cousin Rick.

 Meat Needle Bender a.k.a. my momma. 
(My little Evelyn is a clone of my mom.)
My mom is infinitely talented.  She's a quilter, crafter, painter, seamstress, sings, plays the piano and has an insane amount of beautiful flowers in her yard.  I've been trying for months to get her to start a blog because she has so much to offer and it's just so dang fun.  Well a few days ago she finally took the plunge and I'm excited to see what she has in store for us!  Please show her what a kind bunch of ladies you all are, and stop by her blog to tell her welcome.  I'll be showing you all the curtains I've made soon but don't expect to be wowed and amazed by them.  I'm pretty sure I have my dad's sewing genes.  If you like crafting or quilting, get ready, because she's on a major crafting/quilting kick right now.  She'll probably be in magazines some day. 

And now meet Rick.  I call him Ricky.  I don't know how he feels about that and I really don't care.  We were born on the same day and he's a few hours older than me but, growing up, I was always taller so we've always had a love hate relationship.  Now he's taller and I'm still younger, so the feuding continues.  I'm only being nice to him now because he's one of my husbands best friends and I really like his wife and kids. 
He's also extremely talented.  Aside from singing and playing guitar, he can take hunks of wood and carve, chisel or chainsaw them into really great pieces of art.  He wins awards and stuff.  He also builds some pretty amazing things around his house for his wife so I hope you all will follow suit, and go to Chainsaws and Chisels to heckle him.  And if you still have snow on the ground, please throw a snowball at him for me.  Don't worry, he's too polite to throw a snowball back...unless you're a guy...then you better run. 

Now I'm off to recruit more bloggers!

P.S.  Oops!  I fell asleep at the wheel and forgot to include their links the first time around!  Thanks Deborah!


  1. Celeste,

    It's wonderful that you have your mother blogging! I will pop into both blogs and welcome them. Thanks for the intros!

    I took you (and all my readers) to the Philadelphia Flower Show via video. Turn up your volume and come see.


  2. You didn't list your mother's blog.

  3. Can't wait to visit them, do you have the url somewhere here? I didn't see it.

  4. Details, details! I'm so glad you guys reminded me because I'm always forgetting to cross my t's and dot my i's! Thank you! ☺ Celeste

  5. Very Cool. I'll be visiting them. I'm quite new to this Blog world. Just started in January. I hope they have fun! See ya, Li

  6. Off to join moms blog! Love it that she has joined us! I bet she has a ton to share! ~lulu

  7. joining your blog!! and also your moms!! I am new to blogging too.. my sister from dustylu started me.. glad she did having so much fun!!

  8. Celeste -

    Thanks for including the links. I stopped by both today and left comments. Your mother's Daisy Quilt is beautiful beyond words. Does she do custom work? Please ask her and get back to me.

    - Deborah

  9. Thanks for the introduction and the inspiration to blog I love yours and check in often. Funny thing about the picture of your mom is that the arm in background is mine, I recognized the shirt. I,m also excited to see your mom is blogging, I always marveled at her talents. I remember vividly her life like snow sculptures and tried several times as a kid to replicate them,to no avail. I guess I just needed a chainsaw.
    Ricky (you can call me anything you want)

  10. I thought that was your arm and almost said so. I'd recognize that arm anywhere. Ha! See ya 'round the blog punkin head!

  11. Hey, punkin head, now that's just ol'timey like grandma barbee