Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Munching away at the budget

Instead of working on the house this past weekend, Jeff had to spend time (and money) on the Suburban. What little we can occasionally save (and then some) is always getting eaten up by something. Isn't that how life goes though? So, what do we do when our house money gets nibbled on here and there by cars and such? Tighten the belt if possible and pray it all works out in the end. That would never work for some people but it really does boil down to walking by faith which is right where we should be no matter how much money is or isn't in the bank!

As Jeff started to fix the problem he was aware of he then found another problem, then another! He turned into a real dirty fella by the time he got it all worked out. Look at the back of his head! I sure am thankful he could fix it all.

Changing the subject...tonight was very rewarding! We had a completely home grown meal. Rabbit and spaghetti squash with watermelon for dessert. How fun is that??? I'm not the biggest watermelon fan normally but the heirloom "moon and stars" watermelons we grew are sooo good!

I half heartedly attempted gardening one other time about five or six years ago and it was a big flop. I literally only got two pea pods out of the whole deal. This year I read up a little on gardening and we put some extra effort into the actual dirt to prepare it and that's just about it. I watered some when it didn't rain and occasionally weeded with my hula hoe, my favorite tool and an absolute must have for the home gardener. I'm pregnant and could weed the whole garden in about five to ten minutes mostly one handed with that tool. The garden isn't especially small either...it's about 22'x26'. So if you've ever considered gardening, go for it! It's not too hard and it's very rewarding. (It's a money saver too!!!)

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