Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Floor's almost done!

We had a nice, long, busy weekend. Little Evie turned two on Saturday and we had my parents and sister over for some cake and ice cream Friday evening. Evie's favorite song to sing is Happy Birthday but when we all sang it to her she curled up in Jeff's lap and cried. That's what you do when you're a two year old female. Work those tears and puppy eyes to get a little more attention. Actually, she really is very shy, she'll tell you so herself.

Saturday, Jeff and JJ got started on the radiant floor heating system which, of coarse, turns out to be another slow process. It requires notching the wood (about 800 notches) then laying pex tubing into those notches. They broke it into four sections or "zones" and covered it in 4x8 sheets of advantech flooring. The sections of tubing will run from the hot water heater and back to heat the house from the floor up.

Jeff went back on Sunday and worked by himself (poor guy) while the kids and I stayed behind to get everything ready for this baby that's coming soon. I'm ready for it so maybe tonight!!! (A girl can dream, can't she???)

Then yesterday, Labor Day, Jeff and JJ were back at it again. We were all there that time including three of JJ's kids and my parents. The kids had a blast running around nonstop (oh, to have that kind of energy.) Jeff and JJ, on the other hand, were whupped! Every part of the process required that they walk sideways completely bent over. They were, and probably still are, pretty sore. All the pipe is laid and half the advantech is down so the worst is over.

And speaking of advantech, (a brand of osb) that will also be our actual floor when we move in. Isn't it pretty??? It's pretty smooth to the touch and I think it will actually look nice once we paint it. I can't decide what color though. Probably something medium to light because our furniture is mostly dark. Then there are endless possibilities for painting patterns on the floor. We've probably all seen the usual large diamond pattern (love it!) but who knows what I'll actually do. Maybe nothing. Maybe all white to keep it simple and cottagy. Hmm...no, too many little dirty feet running through the house all day. I've had painted wood floors before and it can be a lot of work to keep them looking clean. Anybody have any good ideas for me?
Well, it's late and I'm tired so I think I'll go to bed (and hopefully wake up in the middle of the night in labor!!!)
Coming soon...walls! Yippee!!!

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