Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rabbit breeding.

NO, I'm not pregnant again.  Very funny.  Keep reading.

I feel like things are finally settling into a comfortable groove.  I've caught up on my sleep, I think I have the upper hand on the boxes and now when Jeff works on the house, the kids and I are right here with him instead of an hour away.  The kids have adjusted well too.  They're getting back to some of their regular routines like their animal chores.  They're in charge of feeding and watering all of the animals, gathering eggs and breeding rabbits.  That's what they've been doing every morning this week.  Breeding the rabbits.  Every morning the girls put a new female in with the male and keep an eye on the pair to make sure they're "successful.".  There very familiar with the process since we've been doing this for a while but this year we have a whole new set of breeding rabbits so they've had to keep an extra close eye on them.  They're first timers.  This morning, shortly after the girls got started on their chores,  they both came running in to tell me how good today's female is at "it."
Gracie:  "She's really good at it!  You should come watch her!"
Me, suddenly feeling slightly uncomfortable:  "Oh yeah?"
Madison:  "Yeah!  She lays down and even snuggles her head under him."
Me, unsure what to say to that:  "Really?  Huh."
Gracie:  "Yeah!  They're doing it a lot."
Me, trying not to look them in the eye:  "That's good."
Gracie:  "The boy's really good at it too!  He's even doing it backwards!"
Me, just before the sudden tunnel vision and hearing loss render me dead on the floor:  "What the???"
Then they turned around and rushed back out of the house to get back to supervising.  Should I be concerned?  Don't tell me.  I don't really want to know.  Then I might have to supervise the rabbits myself while they rabbits.  gasp! 

I don't know why I feel so compelled to share this with the world.  Maybe the solitude out here is already getting to me.

 Aaacckkkkk!  Flemish Giant.

Whew! That's more like it.

Cottage progress report:
I have closet shelves and clothes rods!

Amen and amen!

My little walk-in closet is approximately 6.5'x5'.  And was designed to accommodate this.  My tanning bed wall.  Again with the priorities.

(Jeff made it for me a couple of years ago for $480.  I told you he can do anything!)

He wanted to build the shelves himself but we don't currently have anyplace for him to set up shop and do that and we needed these now so I can unpack some more boxes.

(I'm a real neat freak.  Can't you tell?)

We've all had a touch of the plague and have been wrapping up things at the old house like gathering up the last little bits of junk and deep cleaning it, so we haven't done much here at the new place but that's fixing to change.  We're all on the mend and Jeff finished every last thing that needed to be done last night at the old house, so we're free to focus on this house now.  This weekend we're going to start shopping around for furniture for the bathroom and kitchen.  I'd like to use a piece of furniture for the bathroom vanity and last night we were discussing ideas about the kitchen, as well, like possibly using furniture in there too rather than just traditional cabinets.  Or possibly, a restaurant style sink and a commercial, stainless steal island.  There are so many options to consider and we'll have to remain budget minded, but I don't just want a finished house, I love houses too much for that.  I want to take my time and find the things that I'll enjoy living with for a long, long time.

Oh goody!  The mailman just came and delivered the last parts I need to get my 1950's oven going.  That will be a nice evening project for us Jeff.  I've been using a hot plate and I don't think I'll be too sad to see it go when the oven is done.

And just because...

Sophia Renee aka Soapy Feet.


  1. Maisha said.....:)

    I'm dead! I've died of laughter! I think I'm going to read the breeding part one more time to burn some more calories :)

  2. Now, your 'rabbit' conversation sounds something like what we've had at our house! LOL :)
    Oh, MY, you can't keep anything secret from farm kids!

  3. I am going to make a rule not to have any beverages when reading Celeste's blog. Sheesh I spit it out all over my poor Mac! You are too funny and we would get into trouble if we lived closer. What do you do with the rabbits?
    Glad you got your tanning wall installed. Wouldn't want you to be unpacking without a tan. (smiling) Closet is great.
    Can't wait to see your oven!
    - Deborah (check your email again)

  4. Deborah, we eat 'em! Better than chicken! ;)

  5. Can you tell I was born in NY and raised in NJ?

  6. Celeste,

    I am nominating you for a lemonade stand award!

    The Lemonade Stand Award is awarded for being a blogger who shows great attitude and gratitude.

    You can find the details on my blog. Thanks for inspiring me and so many others!


  7. Thank you Deborah! You're so sweet!

    Back before I had kids I had a friend I worked with who was born and raised in NJ. Her parents raised her and her sisters on rabbits they raised in their back yard. She also said they caught a huge aligator snapping turtle once and her mom cooked it up into turtle soup. Ha! True story! Loved that girl! She was a good friend.

  8. The rabbit conversation had me crying. Crying!

    I am so totally in love with that stove. I envy you!

  9. Love the rabbit story - as they say, "out of the mouths of babes"! Leigh

  10. OMG that is indeed a giant rabbit... how in this world it gotten that big. No way it is going to fit in my rabbit hutch.