Friday, March 5, 2010

Breezy, billowy, white curtains

Since getting new bedding, I've changed my mind about my bedroom curtains.  Naturally.

Natural Curtain Company 
The cream isn't going to work anymore, but that's okay because I think I'm going to go with white.
Country Living
You know what happens when you put white curtains on a window, don't you?
Coastal Living
A breeze magically starts blowing them and has that relaxing effect you can only get from billowing curtains.

Architectural Digest


  1. You're right, I have white curtains that blow in the breeze...unforunitly it's just some old sliding doors that don't seal so well. I love the pictures though!!!! Go for it!

  2. Don't you just love how that happens... one thing leads to another!:-) I think white curtains blowing in the breeze would be perfection!! Enjoy!!

  3. Haha, love the comment about the magical breeze, I could almost hear soft music playing in the background.
    My white curtains were billowing so hard today I almost lost a couple of ornaments from beside the window!

  4. I love white curtains too--their pretty hard to beat.

  5. I really like white curtains too--their hard to beat

  6. oh boy, I believe I need white curtains also, they are just dreamy :)

    By the way I just love your blog :)
    Have a super lovely weekend!

  7. Living on the ocean, I can tell you nothing says cottage charm like white curtains -- in the warm months!

  8. Hi Celeste, thanks for visiting Creamy WHite. Yes, the pillow is super easy and I hope with the pictures you can follow and do it yourself. No mystery at all!!!!I'll be following you and love your Cottage! See you soon, Li

  9. The all white bedroom with the blue pillows on the bed = amazing! Love it.