Monday, March 22, 2010

Bathroom update

Where do I begin...
My bathroom is still coming along, just a lot slower now.  Remember I said that would most likely happen. 
Now we've decided that rather than finishing an entire project we prefer starting as many projects as we can and then run around in circles adding a little here and there to each one in a chaotic manner.  It just makes sense.  We like to call it circuit building and circuit decorating.  We got the idea from circuit training which works so well on getting into good physical shape, we thought we'd apply it to our house too because what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

Back to my bathroom.  The kids fear I've gone a little ruffle crazy and Jeff says he likes it.  He knows who butters his bread.  Anyway, here's my latest ruffled project.

Disregard the unfinished yada, yada and blah, blah, blah.  We're busy.

I made these the same way I made the pillows.

Now, if you like it but you'd rather buy one, how about this one from Anthropologie for only $98.

Or this one from Target for only $26.99.

It is very similar to the one used in my bathroom inspiration picture from Country Living.

After rubbing the fingerprints right off my fingers making what few ruffles I did, I would recommend buying one.  Those of you who've ever made ruffles know what I'm talking about. 

Speaking of my fingerprintless, delicate little fingers...they're also now covered in blisters and calluses because I shoveled 9,000 pounds of concrete making a concrete floor for our well house turned tornado shelter. 
Yes I did.

Upcoming features:
1950's oven (to be finished today,)
more pillows
tornado shelter,
light fixtures, 
and quite possibly, none of the above. 

For more great ideas, please visit:

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  1. Wow Celeste, what a coicidence!!!! I made a shower curtain with ruffles last week as well. Isn't it amazing how easy and beautiful it looks!!!
    I'm sure your bathroom will look amazing when it's done. I'm about to paint mine.
    have a wonderful week!!
    :-) Li

  2. WOW, I can't believe how well that space is turning out! It was a little scary looking at first and now it looks like a masterpiece!! I can't wait to see the stove!

  3. What fun! You're so good at blogging-WOW! I like the curtains; they are WOW too.

  4. Oh you brave BRAVE woman!!!!:-) I feel for you!! I can honestly tell you that all of the aches you are feeling will be worth it when it is finished!

    I love your shower curtain! I have one from Anthropologie that I got last September from my hubby as a birthday gift... I left so many hints about it. Unfortunatley it is creamy white with white ruffles underneath. It is beautiful but I have been changing everything and really want an all white one. I was hoping to make one so I could get away with changing it.. but I think you have convinced me to keep it for a while!:-)

    Your home is lovely!!!! I cannot wait to see more pictures of your progress!!!!

    Have a great week!

  5. Sounds like you need a good soak in that bathtub Celeste, after all that hard shovelling work! Been there, done that, and I remember the aches and pains I suffered the next morning.
    Your shower curtain is so pretty, just sorry about your fingers hurting.

  6. That bathroom looks awesome! We are in the middle of a bathroom reno. too and it does take soooo long! We are in burnout mode and still not finished! Keep up the great work!

  7. We are just getting started on our master bath reno and have ZERO $$$ to work with. I am in the painting phase now. Sigh. It will be slow progress. Keep the faith and love the aluminum!

  8. Man you are one busy little lady! It truly is beautiful even though your hands are hurting!

  9. I think its just the right touch, beautiful!

  10. Hi Celeste, I just found your blog and I am really looking forward to following you and seeing more of your renovations. Your bathroom looks great so far! Well done on your ruffles, sounds like lots of work! xx

  11. I've missed your blog posts! So glad to see you're inching your way toward that inspiration bathroom. Looking great! Lisa~

  12. I found your lovely blog via a google search for "corrugated metal tub surround" after being inspired by the very same Country Living bathroom makeover that inspired you, via a recent post on Remodelista. I wondered if you have any tips or special advice about how to approach this project? I'm particularly interested in how you cut the hole for the water on/off handle thingy. Also, did you do anything at the top of the metal sheets (near the ceiling) to prevent moisture from seeping between the metal and the actual wall? I'm kind of a splashy shower-er. :-) Any other installation tips or pitfalls you're willing to share would be much appreciated!

    I love how you seem to live so normally (and beautifully) amid what appears to be pretty constant construction/remodeling. My fiancé and I live in a small log cabin built in the 1940s as a little hunting & fishing camp. It needs a lot of work, and I have a tendency to want to do one room all at once, from construction sort of stuff to decorating finishing touches. After looking through your blog I feel inspired to embrace the idea of a work in progress and appreciate small changes as we make them.

  13. Megan, Thank you for visiting. ☺
    Jeff used a tool called a hole saw to make the holes for the plumbing and we will (someday) put J channel across the top of the metal as a cap. You can also make the corrugated metal go up as high as you want or need if splashing is something you worry about. We've been using the metal surround for a couple of months now and haven't had any troubles of any sort with it. It's also easy to keep clean but I would suggest you avoid using soaps that cause a lot of residue like Ivory; however, I would recommend that with any type of shower surround.
    Living in a house that's extremely unfinished and plugging along slowly doesn't seem to bother me. This house and its particular style is something I want so badly that it's worth it to me. That, and having five kids has probably helped train me to tune out messes, noises (and smells!) really well. Ha!
    Good luck to you as you make your cabin a home!
    ☺ Celeste

  14. I know I say this without really knowing how much work it was, but, it appears that gorgeous shower curtain was worth the effort. I LOVE IT.

  15. Your curtain is gorgeous! I can only imagine how much work that took. I want a cottage sooooo much! I love your blog and it is such an inpsiration to me on my quest to find a cottage of my own. I've enjoyed my visit here at your lovely blog. ♥

  16. PS: I signed up to follow your blog and projects. I'm also adding your link to my inspiring links page. I don't want to lose touch! ♥

  17. I knew that shower curtain was coming once I saw the pillow! I have one just like it. (I bought mine) The bathroom looks great.


  18. i love it! it's so elegant - i just made a dress for my little one this weekend making those ruffles - i had never done that before and was inspired by someone's blog post to make them - i am visiting my parents but i can't wait to return to my home soon because i am going to go ruffle crazy just rufflin' up everything in sight! my husband is going to puke!

  19. GREAT job! My college wants me to make that exact curtain for her. Can I just borrow yours?!! Weeee! I'm dropping by from The Girl Creative. I hope to see you back at my place soon! until later...

  20. I love the tin bathtub surround!

  21. I love your bathroom! And your house and your 5 kids and your blog. I'll be back!

  22. I love the tin surround do you have a post about that?

  23. I love the tin how did you seal it around the tub?

    1. Elizabeth, we used pvc trim which we caulked to the tube and on top of the pvc trim we used z channel and the tin is over that. Hope that helps!

  24. Hi there

    Not sure if this is the best place to ask, but I'm really keen on making a shower surround out of corrugated metal. I think I might have finally persuaded my husband around to my way of thinking, but he's come up with a question that I don't think you've covered, and wonder if you can help me with please? The question is: How did you manage to seal the area around where you made the hole for the on/off/temperature control dial? He's naturally concerned about water getting through to the walls behind, and if I can convince him that there's a way to stop this, then I think he might run with it. PLEASE please help, :-)

    Judi in the UK

  25. now that you have had this for years - did the corrugated sweat behind? did you ever have issues with mold?