Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Farm Tables

I love farm tables.
I'd love for Jeff to build one for us.

One that easily sets eight, or maybe ten.

We'll have to add on to the back of the house and turn the living room into a dining room.

We have a ways to go before we're ready to add on which was our plan from the beginning.

But Jeff, for some reason, is saying, "Maybe we won't need to add on."  He's so lazy.


  1. Lazy? He built an entire house!

    Being in a farmhouse, I also love the look of an old, used farm table. So warm and welcoming!

    I like your new header featuring photographs of all the progress you've made. What a long way you've come!

  2. I love the 3rd and last table! Those would probably be 'fairly' simple to make don't you think? hmmmm.... one day when I have a house!

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