Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Light and airy bedroom bliss.

I've been contemplating about my bedroom decor. 

I've never had a bedroom that I've been in love with.  I'm not sure I've ever even seen a bedroom I absolutely love. 

I have idea's about what I would like which would of coarse require new curtains, bedspread, know, the works. 

I have some fabric to work with and I have my eye on a blue and white quilt and/or a white matelasse bedspread.  I have an idea of what I want.

Something simple, and airy.  Nothing too fancy or formal.

Mostly whites and neutrals, maybe a little bit of color.

I want it to be a place I can relax and not be distracted by a lot of non-essentials.

  And now I need your help.  I have this beautiful piece of furniture that was given to me by my mother-in-law that I love, love, love and I definitely want it to stay in the room but, (look away Jackie) do I paint it or leave it alone?  I love it just like it is but, from the pictures I just showed you above, I'm not sure how it will work with the simple style I'm looking for.  Here it is...

What do you all think? 
(That's Evie's toddler bed in the corner of our room.  It's staying too.  And ignore the unfinished floors, lack of trim, harsh lighting, etc, etc...)
Anyway, think light and airy, light and airy.  Can it work just like it is?  I'd hate to paint it and then regret it, but I'd also hate to always be just one piece of painted furniture away from total bedroom bliss.  Please help!

Pictures 1-5 Country Living
Picture 6 House Beautiful
Picture 7 Coastal Living
Picture 8 Yours Truely


  1. Paint it. It's just too formal for the cottage look you are going for. I would do some research on the distress look. Design Sponge has a lot of good ideas in their DIY or Before/After section. It's a great piece, but go for it! Make it your own!

  2. A darker piece can do one of two things, either pop and add contrast or stick out like a sore thumb. Layla of The Lettered Cottage just added a darker color in her bathroom (the tabletop she is using in her bath and it will be matched by a mirror and the floor) but this is a few pieces that all have continuity. If it's just this one dark piece in the room it may look out of place. If that is the case, I would paint it but as the commenter above stated, do your homework on distressing.

  3. love all the pics you posted! so gorgeous!

    if you were trying to achieve a more simple style, i'd recommend painting the armoire. i know that is a beautiful piece of furniture that you may hate to paint, but I'd def consider painting it and changing out the knob. if you still wanted it to pop, i'd consider painting it black. it all depends on the color scheme and bedding you choose.

    but, i love the look you are going for!!! its going to be beautiful!

  4. That is a beautiful piece of furniture. I'm not sure that it is an antique though, and if it isn't, I'd consider painting it as well in order to remain consistent w/ the cottage motif. If it is an antique, I'd leave it alone and search for an old wooden bed to compliment its character.

  5. Hi! Well..I think based on your pictures it is a clear and definite "paint it"! You clearly love the bright and airy spaces with splashes of color (same as me!) and you'll never get the dark wood to blend no matter what you try! Go for it!

  6. I would think twice before painting if it is nice wood. Maybe use it in a different room. How will your mother-in-law feel if you paint it?

    I have a friend whose house is lovely and she uses white or taupe walls, white upholstery and dark woods. It looks nice and rich. Look for some magazine pictures that show white walls with dark wood. It might surprise you.

  7. As long as it's not an antique worth thousands grab and paintbrush my friend! ;)

  8. Thank you all for your thoughts. I appreciate it! It is a very nice piece of furniture, but it's not an antique although it could become a nice heirloom. You only live once though, right?

  9. if it will be the ONLY wood in the room, leave it at least until the rest of the room is done. If you'll have wood floors or one other piece of wood and you're wanting calm and airy, paint it the same color as all the other furniture. it'll still make a statement without overpowering everything else in the room because of its size. it's beautiful!!!!

  10. I just found your blog and I'm really enjoying reading back through it. We have a lot in common. I, like you, LOVE the light airy look. I love that sea blue too...gorgeous! I have an armoir that I love and when I re-did my bedroom last fall I couldn't decide if I should paint it. I decided to at least wait until the bedroom was finished (since I was painting every other piece of furniture I had) and then decide. I didn't paint it and I do really like it the way it is. It warms up the room. But I also have two club chairs that are that same darker brown that help it not seem like the only dark thing in the room. Come visit my blog and see what you think. :) Lisa~

  11. Ooooh, that's a tough thing to do! I think I would paint it though. When in doubt then go back to pictures of what you really want your room to look like, then go grab that brush and go to town before you can change your mind again.
    Great blog!

  12. This, along with the rest of your work is incredible. I found your site today whilst searching for traditional christmas decorations and I've enjoyed reading through all of your blogs. Your creations are very inspiring and impressive and I look forward to seeing what else you come up with! All the best wishes for you.