Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lazy days of winter.

Do you know what this is?

Yep, it's a chess set.

My eleven year old daughter took these pictures with my junky, on the fritz camera (which will hopefully be replaced with a big girl camera soon. I hope!!!)  Not bad, huh?  It was her first time too.

We've all been playing a LOT of chess between naps.

These two always have this effect on eachother.
Look at those little feet all kicked out.

I'd say she's pretty relaxed.

I've been working on making curtains for my bedroom.

It's a white on cream damask.

One of these days I'll get them finished and show you the final product.

The kids and I are getting anxious for spring since we started a bunch of vegetables and, hopefully, deer resistant flowers.  Is there such a thing?

And speaking of spring...everyone here in the Midwest knows that spring is tornado season so Jeff and I will be building a tornado shelter in the next couple of weeks. (I hope, I hope I hope!)  I don't want to risk being tornadoed off to Oz and have to spend the rest of my days living with flying monkeys!


  1. Hmm, too bad you don't live closer. I'd hire your 11 year old as my blog photographer!

    - Deborah

  2. Those are my dream curtains!!!!!! Can I ask where you found the fabric? Ps your blog is absolutely beautiful!

  3. Thanks Emily! I bought the fabric from and it's either a Robert Kaufman or Michael Miller print...I forget which one.
    ☺ Celeste