Saturday, October 17, 2009

Great deals!

Are you all familiar with It's great! It's like garage saling from the comfort of your own living room. You can look at what your neighbors are wanting to get rid of and if you like it, run over to their house and buy it. No waiting around for it to come in the mail and no shipping costs and usually, you can go take a look at it before you decide to buy it. We are getting some great stuff for the house like this never used, huge fireplace for the low, low price of only $320.00!!! Hard to beat that, huh?

We're fixing to go take a look at these "like new" appliances for the kitchen priced at $265.00 for all three!!! True, I would rather have brand new all stainless appliances but that will have to wait. For now this is better than good enough.

We're also keeping our eyes peeled (that saying seems so disgusting in writing) for things like a hot water heater, kitchen cabinets, exterior doors etc... The inventory is always changing so we have to continuously check for what we're waiting to find. If you haven't ever visited craigslist you should definitely check it out. Just be warned, you may be tempted to buy things you don't really need just because the price is so low and it's just a few blocks from where you live.

I already mentioned the clearance windows we got from Lowe's, well today Jeff went by Meek's to dig through their scratch and dent junk and found the rest of the windows we needed for the entire house. He paid $600.00 for four 5'x6' windows, that's what we had budgeted for only two 5'x6' windows! Our plan was to only install two of the big windows in the first building phase to mind our budget but now we'll have all of them. Yipee!!! AND, as if that wasn't enough, he also got four interior doors for $20.00 each. Sooo, now I'll have a bedroom with real walls, a big window and a door! If I'm lucky, maybe I'll also get a bedroom closet right away!

Here's a look at the tub my mother-in-law gave us. She also gave us some other goodies like medicine cabinets and a big vanity top. You know what "gave" means right? Yep, FREE! She also gave me some wonderful things to furnish and decorate my new home with. I'll have to show those things to you all sometime to. She's very sweet and giving!

Jeff's out at the land right now finishing a well house to keep things from freezing up and busting. It's going to get cold tonight. Next weeks forecast is looking pretty good though. Oh yeah, more great news I almost forgot to mention. My dad is taking off work all next week too so he can help Jeff work on the house. My parents are like energizer bunnies and are always right there working along side us.

Our cup runneth over with blessings! I know a lot of this is very trivial in the big picture of life but it always amazes me to see God working in even the everyday little things. He is very good to us!

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