Thursday, October 8, 2009

I'm so excited!!!

Things are fixing to really pick up. Yipee!!! Jeff's feeling a bit overwhelmed with his 1.37 mile long to do list but I think he's getting pretty excited about things too. Last Saturday he and my dad finished the floor.

I know it seemed like it would never happen but here it is, finally ready for me to clog dance all over it! Wait, I don't know how to clog dance, but I do have some cousins that know how. Maybe they'll come over and do it for me.

Jeff and I stayed up till about 12:30 last night, excuse me, this morning, getting a material list together for this coming weekend so Jeff could order all the lumber for framing the house which will probably be delivered tomorrow. Jeff went to three different lumber yards to find the best deal. There wasn't a huge difference in prices but on a project with such a tight budget, it matters a lot. My cousin, Brian, (I have a lot of cousins!) who works at a local lumber yard gave us the best prices and the lumber yard offers free delivery, which can really add up considering we haven't had everything delivered at once since we can't work on it every single day till it's done. This all reminds me, I'd like to break down the cost of everything for you all to see in a future post.

And, speaking of money...Tuesday, Jeff and I went to Lowe's to look at some windows and found five 3'x4' windows, without grids marked down from $112.00 to $44.00 each. It just so happens we were wanting that size and style for a few windows in the house...five to be exact. Can you believe that??? We saved $340 dollars! It turns out that Lowe's is phasing out these particular windows in all it's different sizes so we'll be on the look out at the other Lowe's stores in the area for the other sizes we need to go on clearance too.

Hopefully the weather will be good this weekend for all the work Jeff has planned. Oh, and hopefully the ground will be dried out some from all of today's rain. We're up to almost 5" so far and it's still coming down heavy! The pond is creeping ever closer to our back yard. (This picture might be too small for you to see, but there is a blue heron at the edge of the water in the middle of the picture.)

I wish I could be out at the land all weekend with Jeff and everyone who'll be helping him, but I'll probably stay behind to take care of little Soapy Feet. She, by the way, is a whopping two weeks old today and snuggling like a baby kangaroo in her sling as I type.


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