Saturday, October 24, 2009

Roof bones

Time is really flying fast around here. Sophie's already one month old! She's starting to plump up a little like she's been eating too many sopapilla's, which by the way, isn't her real name. Jennifer, my own sister, called me after reading the blog to find out if her name is really Sopapilla or Sophia. I could never actually name her Sopapilla because years ago, that same sister made sopapilla's for us and I guess I was sick because shortly after eating them I "lost" them, if you know what I mean. That memory has stuck with me. Anyway, I don't know what any of that has to do with anything so forgive me, I'm not quite myself these days. In fact, I think "I" took a leave of absence and some other women have moved into my body to take over for a while. Like Coma Momma. She lacks energy and personality but is really good at nursing and rocking the baby, If "I" were still here and in charge of rocking the baby, I'd probably be trying to break records in speedrocking...grandma Barbee style. For those of you who didn't know my grandma Barbee, she had a lot of kids who gave her a lot of grand kids and in order to give us all equal rocking time she had to POWER ROCK us...every time she saw us...till we were about FOUR. It was borderline traumatic but now it just makes me laugh! She was the best grandma ever and I really, really miss her.

So which woman is writing this post? I don't know. Possibly the one that's married to Jeff right now...she's a little bit crazy if you ask me. Poor fella.

Maybe we should get things on track before you all start to think I suffer from some sort of multiple personality disorder.

Jeff and my dad have been out at the house all week except for rainy Thursday (they needed a break anyway.) JJ spent a couple of days helping too and I think Eric might be out there today. They've been working on the roof assembly which looks to me like it's turning out great. Hopefully Jeff will have some new pictures for me tonight and I might add them to this post. As of Wednesday, however, this is what the house looked like...

We're getting down to the wire financially and by the time we move in we may have gone over budget a little. I haven't added up our expenses in a while so I'm not sure where we're at right now and we've decided to go ahead with a few things that we we're going to leave out till sometime down the road so we'll see what happens.

Here's something interesting, or odd...We are planning on (meaning we may change our minds) taking down the privacy fence we just put up last spring and using the pickets for horizontal siding on the house. Our neighbors are really going to think we're crazy when they see us doing that because we're also going to dig up a lot of the landscaping I just put in a year ago and we're taking our big metal garage with us. We want to take everything but the grass. No, we're not pack rats, we're frugal.


  1. She is so precious! And I'm excited for your building sucess, too!

  2. I came over from another blog because I love "cottage dreamers", sweetpea! Congratulations on your new baby. I think building your own home is miraculous; however, it is very hard to do and I give you lots of credit for it, sweet chick! Good luck. Nice to meet you.