Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's starting to look like a house

Jeff, Eric, Rick, Chad, JJ and Dave put in some long hard hours on the house this weekend and we now have walls! It's great to have such good friends and family who'll spend that kind of time and energy helping us!

Jeff and I spent an hour or so on the fine details of the blueprints Friday evening to decide exactly where all the windows and doors need to be and while we were going over that Jeff decided he'd go ahead and build a few more of the interior walls. So hopefully, I'll have bedroom walls!!! It's nice to be able to have a place to hide out for a few minutes every now and then and with only one bathroom for seven people I need a second place to hide. Not that I ever get to go to the bathroom by myself anyway.

Since I haven't actually been out there to see the framing for myself this is one of my favorite pictures because it was taken inside the house from the dining area. Chad (ladder on the left) is in what will soon be the bathroom and Eric (ladder on the right) is in what will be the bedroom. You can also see the opening to the second floor which is over the living room.

There was only enough time for them to start on the roof assembly but Jeff is taking all of next week off to work on the house. I can't wait! I've got to figure out a way to spend time out there and keep the baby out of the weather, preferably without having to spend the week sitting in the birth mobile, er I mean suburban! Hopefully the weather will be good. We've been having some cold, wet weather lately.

Sophie seems to be coming out of her newborn coma like sleep and I've been feeling like I'm slipping into the new mom coma. If my posts seem are incoherent filled with mispelings and not good grahmer, you'll understand why. I did get an eight nonconsecutive minute nap today though, so I'm good. Actually my sleepiness is coming from my newest late night addiction. Lost. No, I'm not talking in my sleep...I'm addicted to Lost, the TV show. We're one of those families that "doesn't have TV." So then, what pray tell, is that big black box on the wall over the fireplace, you ask? Yes, it's a TV. We don't have network, cable or satellite but we do have Hulu.com and about a week ago we began season one, episode one of the show. We just finished all twenty something episodes of season one last night. Maybe we should slow it down a little...if we can.

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