Thursday, February 4, 2010

An artistic two year old.

Dear sweet Evelyn.  Why are you so cute (even when your mouth is stained with your latest meal?)

Things were quite, so I had to find out what was going on...

Me:  "Evelyn, it looks like you've been coloring."
Evie:  "I wike you."  Sweetest little sing-song voice.

Me:  "I like you too.  Where's the lid?"
Evie:  "I wike you mommy."  Still sweet.

Me:  "I know you do.  Where's the lid?"
Evie:  "I wuv you."  Sappier than usual.

Me:  "I wuv you too.  Now where's the lid."  Giggling under my breath.
Evie:  "It gone.  Bye-bye.  I wuv you mommy."

Me:  "Mm hmm.  What did you do with the lid?"  Sighing at her cuteness.
Evie:  "I wike you!"  In her sweet little, squeeky, high pitched, two year old voice.

Me:  Fair enough.  "I wike you too Evelyn."

I love that kid. 


  1. I bet if you give Evelyn a paint brush your home would get painted a lot quicker! Too cute. Your dog needs a caption:" Please, just shoot me. Just shoot me now."

  2. Too cute! We found a stray dog that had one of his white spots colored blue. When we found the owner, she had a 3 yr old boy!

  3. WOW that dog does not look impressed!!! so cute!