Sunday, February 21, 2010


"Fireplace makeover make do."

This picture was taken the night we moved in.  It hurts to look at it doesn't it?  The fireplace isn't "hooked up" yet.  It still needs a flue so we didn't bother to finish that wall.  We bought the fireplace off of Craigslist for $320 which was a steal of a deal.  It's huge and never been used.  It does have a big ding in it but it's nothing a little bondo can't fix.  Anyway, after having to look at it like it is for the past few weeks, I decided to try to disguise it.

The first thing we did was don our acorn hats and head out into the woods to hunt down some wild grape vines to make a wreath.

Then I took a big, brassed colored, plastic framed mirror that I've had since I was seventeen that I painted white a couple of years ago and I smudged some teal paint into its nooks and crannies.

Then I sanded off a little of the white paint to expose the faux brass.  Then decided it needed a little more brass color so I lightly topped off the high spots with a little gold paint.

I hung some of my old curtains on a few nails, as well as the wreath and mirror and threw up some cute pictures of my babies and an ugly clock that I've also had since I was seventeen and here it is...

Quick, go back and look at the before picture.  I promise it makes this one look better.

Hopefully this will tide me over until we get around to finishing it.  A few of the materials included in my plans for it include rusted sheet metal, painted pressed tin, wood and my hot and handy husband.

Here's a little bit of my inspiration:

Country Living


  1. Very clever! Lisa~

  2. Good for you! I love it. This is the way I grew up, in the country, with my parents making our home beautiful with next to no money. Your children will look back on their childhood as wonderful. :)

  3. Great make-over-do! Love the frame change.

    Hope you'll drop by AtticMag this week to see my home on tour,

  4. Celeste,

    It looks great. Very clever, creative, temporary fix with zero cost!


  5. A very pretty "make do"! I think it is wonderful to make do with what you have til you get what you really want.

  6. Pretty! You did a good job on a temp. fix, and your children were involved.

  7. Great idea, very creative way to make-do. I am sure you will be even more appreciative once the fireplace is finally in. Your inspiration photo is to die for!

  8. This is so really can "make do" with what you have available to you. Great job :)

  9. Very smart thinking. It turned out nice. I love the frame makeover as well.

  10. What a NEAT looks GREAT! Come by and check out my awesome giveaway!


  11. It must be nice now not to have that annoying niggle every time you are in that room. And great that you get the kids involved in the process. Great job.

  12. Ok first of all, the term "make do" cracks me up - hilarious! Secondly, that mirror is GORGEOUS... the touches of teal and the brassy color coming through the white, such glorious texture and depth - really great job!