Saturday, November 21, 2009

Acorns anyone?

Let's say that a while back someone gave me a pair of tap shoes and encouraged me to give them a try...for him.  Not too excited about the idea, I reluctantly put on the shoes and started to tap.  Little did I know that these shoes were magic shoes and when I would tap dance in them, every now and then, a few people would magically show up to watch and listen.  I stumbled and staggered through it a few times before I realized, "I think I like tap dancing."  Then, just when I felt like I was getting into the swing of it, an aquantance of mine came by and so sweetly said, "HEY!  With every tippity tap of your so-called tap dancing, innocent little puppies are dying slow, painful deaths on the other side of the world!"

And that, my friends, has been my weekend, thus far, in a nutshell.
Except for the part about the magic tap shoes and dancing.
Oh, and the puppy massacre.

Maybe I'm being punished for my smarty pants take on the pumpkin shortage.  Some things are just too serious to be taken too lightly.  Profound, I know.

Let's move on to the house, shall we?  I'll take the K.I.S.S. approach today, which stands for Keep It Simple Sara, or something like that.

Jeff (tmi) built bathroom walls.

Oh yeah, this is funny.  Jeff got distracted Friday night by the 136 phone calls from his crazy, hysterical wife a deer he spotted in the woods, and installed a wall up side down!  Yes, that's right, up side down.  Then, being the non defeatist that he is, he threw in the towel and quickly headed home to console his crazy, hysterical wife tell his family about the deer he spotted in the woods. 

So much for the K.I.S.S. method of blogging.  Oh well, my name isn't Sara anyway.

Saturday's to do list:
Turn up side down wall right side up.

Pictures to come later.

For those of you who're affraid I've done gone and lost my mind, it's alright because I have two dogs named Sadie and Chili and turnips are mostly white except for the little purple ring at the top.  But don't worry because all is forgiven and I love Mad Libs.
the end.

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