Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bed Head

You know those mornings when you first wake up, look in the mirror and think, "Hmm, not too bad." Then you pick up the mirror and look at the back side of your head and suddenly feel embarrassed hoping the hubby didn't get a look at that matted down, greasy mess! Well, that's about how the house is looking, deceptively good in the front.

Here's the front...not bad. (Ignore the junk on the ground, house building is messy work!)

But now take a peek at the back side. Hopefully that will get done next weekend.

Every time I'd show up to the house Jeff would be up high and hanging over the edges working. It was hard work and very scary at times, but I managed to survive. Jeff? Oh he's fine. Just a little sore from climbing up and down ladders all weekend. No biggie.

Here are some shots from the second floor. The kids are going to have some nice views from up there.

It looks kind of small, and it is kind of small but it will be fine for a few years till we can add on.

That's my mom holding Evelyn who's crying...as usual. She did a lot of that this weekend. I'm not sure if it's because of the new baby or maybe the big skeleton of a house that her daddy always seems to be dangling from is freaking her out. Either way, she been somewhat unpleasant company these last few days.

She did enjoy the little fires and marshmallows we had though. She doesn't actually like to eat the marshmallows, she just holds them.

We did a lot of fun stuff this weekend.

The older kids are always coming up with stuff to do out there like this...

We had a birthday lunch for my dad...

which included cupcakes.

Sophie took a lot of great naps.

We had a weenie/marshmallow roast and hot chocolate around the fire.

We were entertained by watching Jeff repel down the roof to get those last few screws in.

I even got to do a little landscaping amidst the rocks and poison ivy.

All in all, not a bad weekend.

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    That was a very good analogy! Hahaha. But yeah, that is one way of putting it. During the building process, it may look like that everything is a mess. But once every work is done, you can say that your house definitely looks like a mirage in the morning, which I think is what you are thinking right now. Looking at the photos, I must say that everything looks good, including the roof.