Friday, November 27, 2009

Is anyone else feeling a little sick today?

Happy Black Friday everyone!

This is the best black Friday I think I've ever had.  It's warmish and sunny and Jeff and my dad are in my kitchen feeding the kids leftover chili and mashed potatoes for breakfast while doing my dirty Thanksgiving dishes.  And, as if that wasn't enough, I don't have to go shopping today.  Life is good.

Yesterday they (Jeff and my dad) spent most of the sunlit hours taking down our "barn."  It's a metal building that started out as just a carport and we've moved it from house to house with us over the past few years.  What can I say, we're grandchildren of survivors of the Great Depression.

Today they're back at it again and plan to start a barn raising out at the land later.  I'm guessing it will probably take the rest of the weekend to get it back together.  Jeff isn't enjoying this part as much as working on the house and keeps mumbling something about "a day off."  He gets a little fussy sometimes when his blood sugars off.  He probably just needs a piece of pie.

My mom and my sister, Erin, also spent the day with us while the guys were working out back.  We spent the afternoon watching sappy, smoochy, girl movies and doing some cooking.  Then once the guys were done working we indulged in gluttonous activities and then felt like throwing up relaxed around the fire to watch more movies.  It was a fun, somewhat non-traditional Thanksgiving.

I'd like to finish all my transplanting this weekend since it's supposed to be so nice out.  I don't know if Jeff will be doing anything to the house.  I doubt there will be time.  We only have a little over a month before we'd like to move in so I also need to start doing a little sorting and packing everyday.  It's starting to feel like it's really going to happen, whether we're ready or not!

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