Monday, November 16, 2009


Forget what I said yesterday. Last night when Jeff got home he read my post about piers and tire tools. Well it turns out you can call those post things piers because as Jeff explained it, the name pier is more about the mechanics in what's being built than what is being built. Ppffft...fine...Lesson learned.

Then later last night we were watching the episode of the Office on Hulu where, because of a Mafia insurance sales man, Andy dressed as a mechanic and carried one of these tire tools around with him...

What??? I asked Jeff what it was and he said it's a "tire iron." me it looks strangely like a CROW BAR. Now I know it's not but surely you can see the resemblance. That must explain why 90% of women have at least at some point mistakenly called or thought of tire tools as crow bars! Mystery solved. And by the way, I already knew you actually use these tools to remove the wheel and not the tire...I'm just speaking in my native tongue. You ladies know what I'm talking about, right?

Oh, and one more thing, the world is ROUND...not flat. I'm just sayin'.

Moving on...

I didn't go to the land at all this past weekend because of Evie's fever. She's fine now by the way. My super, fabulous, awesome husband took the big kids with him all weekend though, so they could get some fresh air and spend time with their daddy and I could get some peace while I took care of Miss Sicky Pants. My dad was there too and took some pictures for me yesterday with my pathetic little camera (he has a fancy camera.)

There's super dad himself! Standing in a new window opening on the second floor.
And here he is nailing in the window. They finished the floor upstairs which looks even smaller than it really is. And they got the house dried in except for one upstairs wall that's about half way done.
It's a good thing too, because it was cold and rainy out there Sunday.
Hey, that stuff works pretty good!

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  1. Hi Celeste! thank you for viewing my blog! You are living the same dream that my husband and I have! God willing we will also one day have some land and a house. I think I also would like some chickens and to grow all our own fruits and vegetables.. hehe... my friend left another post and he reminded me that Church is not about 'me' it's about us. And you are right, you are part of the Body of Christ. The purpose of the Church I think is to go out into the world and work together to build the kingdom. It is still hard finding that one family to be a part of. I hope that God continues to bless your family and that he helps you to find a Church family as well!