Sunday, December 20, 2009

11 daze and counting

Today is the first day of the real final count down.  Eleven is the number of days left in the year as well as the number of days before we move into our little cottage in the woods and here's what the house looks like right now.

It looks about two weeks away from being done, wouldn't you say?  No?  Well just take a look upstairsladder.

Doesn't this picture say to you, "You better get packin' because it's almost movin' time"?   Well it should.  Just this morning Jeff looked into reserving a rental truck for the 31st.  He's serious about the moving date...I think.  Don't let this get you down though.  Remember, it only has to be "livable" in order for us to move in. 

Jeff and JJ worked till almost midnight last night and Jeff just walked in the house after working all day, to take a shower so he'll be ready to pick up JJ at 7am tomorrow to finish the plumbing.  There's a lot of hard, long hours going into the house to get it livable.  The house will be a work in progress for who knows how long, but it will be nice when we no longer have to drive an hour one way to work on it and when Jeff does work on the house in the future, we'll always be right there with him.

Just thought I'd give you all a quick little update.

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