Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Budget Dystocia

If Jeff were writing this, he'd probably find a way to compare our current situation to a car motor.  I'm not Jeff, and I don't know anything about motors, but for you guys...well, you may just want to skip the words and  look at the pictures.

Like some kind of mad scientists that decided to see what would happen when you cross two unrelated species, we're coming up with some trouble.  Let's say our little budget of $20,ish is a cute little lamb and our building project is an elephant.  Now just imagine what might happen when you cross a lamb and an elephant.  Do I need to add that the lamb (budget) is the female in this scenario?  Right now, she's in the process of giving birth to a GIANT lambephant and it appears that we might have a slight case of shoulder dystocia.  Them's birthin' words for "the baby's stuck!"  (Sorry guys.)

Anyway, what looked like our last $2,500 actually is turning out to be closer to $1,000.  Blame the mad scientist!  I've never seen a lambephant before and so I don't know how much they cost.  It's not looking good for the little momma lamb.  She'll have to be on life support for a long, long time if she even survives birthing the big, awkward lambephant.  It's close to being fully born, but right now, I can only see it's weird looking head.  "Push momma lamb!  Push!"  (Come on guys!  Don't leave!)

(Forgive me if these are actually bicycle parts or strange kitchen utensils.  For all I know they could be jsiovensix's)

It's time to get out the forceps!  Or the vacuum!  Or the bonecracker!  Wait.  Wrong procedure.  Put that last one back.  Let's back up and just start with changing birthing positions.  That often does the trick.  "Roll over little lamb!" 

Once the lambephant is born, who knows, it may not even have running water!  We may have to drag the garden hose through the window.

Changing the subject a little for the sake of the men, (you're welcome) my dad and Jeff Brashears came over after work Monday night to help out.  Thanks!

Jeff Brashears and us go way back.  He's more like family really.

"Get out of our tub!  We're not that close!"

Then, yesterday JJ came over to work on the plumbing.  (We'll owe him a house too when this is done!)  AND, Eddie Yodelay, no, Eddie Oldhay, no, Eddie Oldlady...forget it.  Eddie took the day off work and spent it helping Jeff!  Jeff has my camera so I don't have any pictures of him.  Oh, but I do have Jeff's work camera which possibly has a picture of Eddie.  Hmmm...I don't think I'll go there.  Last time I looked at pictures on his work camera, well, I just won't go there.

Anyway, they all worked really hard and jumped some MAJOR hurdles.  Thank you!  Thank you!

Now, my mom just showed up to take care of the kids for me so I can do some serious packing.  Ready or not, lambephant, here we come!


  1. You better have electricity or at least have Jeff hook up some sort of electric producing contraption with peddles (like they use on Gilligans Island) so you can keep bloging. When you finally collapse from exhaustion, you can catch up on mine.

    The other option is you can all become Amish and not have to worry about finishing.

  2. I think I'm quickly leaning toward the Amish option! I'm pooped!

  3. Hey, I wish we were around to help but then what would I do when Rick preferred working with Jeff rather than working on our house? :)