Thursday, December 10, 2009

Calgon, take me away!

Jeff has just about finished the electrical rough in and JJ has been up to his elbows in plumbing stuff.  "Stuff" is layman's terms for plumbing words these lips of mine have never even uttered.  I will most likely use that term when referring to electrical things as well.  Or, evidently, the word "things."  Got it?  Alright, here we go.

Here's JJ the plumber, doing his infamous impersonation of a man encountering an octopus in a linen closet.  He's responsible for all those white tubes shooting up out of the floor.  Jeff helped JJ shove these things into the house through a small hole JJ cut in the floor which, according to Jeff, was really hard to do.  He told JJ that if he were doing it, he'd make the whole bigger, to which JJ replied, "That's why you're not doing it."  So there.  Apparently, the tubes vibrate if they're not held tightly in place which is something you don't want.  Don't ask me why.  I have no idea, but I guess that would be bad.


Here's some plumbing and electrical stuff in the laundry room wall.  Now, I'm no plumbing expert mind you, but the washing machine goes on the left.  That much I know for sure.  I am a laundry expert.  I may not fully understand what all is going on in this picture, but to me, it looks like the plumbing is happening on the right side of the laundry room...WHERE THE DRYER GOES.  " got some splainin' to do!"  Wait, maybe this is a picture of the laundry room's backside, taken from inside the bedroom closet.  If that's the case, "Keep up the good work guys!  You're doing GREAT!"  *i'm so confused!*

Here's Jeff doing something to the breaker box.  How many of you saw this picture and the words fuse box immediately popped into your head?  That's so old timey.  Nowadays we use what's called a breaker box.  I would never confuse this with a fuse box, ever.

This is Jeff making a list of what each breaker is connected for.  There are a lot of breakers and the finished list is very long.  It looks like just about every outlet and light switch has it's own breaker.  The purpose of a breaker box has something to do with controlling or interrupting the flow of electricity or something along those lines.  I don't know.  Ask me something about placentas or childbirth.  Then I would surely astound you with my vast amounts of knowledge.  Unless your a doctor or a midwife.  Then never mind.  All I know, is if you aren't careful with how you wire a house you could end up with something like this...

And that would be really bad.

We are working hard to meet our goal of moving in by the end of the month, so while Jeff is working 27 hour days, 8 days a week, the kids and I have started sorting and packing things away.  I hate sorting and packing and have often tried enlisting others to do it for me but that never works out.  Just ask my family, they'll gladly tell you.  Since they can't ever seem to read my mind, I have to tell them whether any given item goes in the pack, trash or donate pile, then I get all bossy and realize I should be doing this myself.  I've never understood how hiring people to pack your things works.  Do you stand over them and just bark out orders all day while they do all the work?  That sounds really lazy, even for me.  Anyway, we are so insanely, crazy busy right now that I may not have time to post much but, rest assured, I'll visit with you when I can and be back, undoubtedly, after the move.  Now, I must go and get to work...right after I take a Calgon bubble bath.


  1. Wow. Thats is pretty crazy!

    And I totally understand the packing thing. I think what happens is that everything get packed up, trash or not and it will be completely unorganized.

    You have your hands full!

  2. I just came across your blog today via Twice Remembered. I will be following your progress! Packing is and unpacking are my least favorite things and that is why when we moved here we decided this is it! My words of advice? Have a GIANT yard/house sale and move in with suitcases!