Tuesday, December 8, 2009

We have everything but the kitchen sink

Last night while moving our "urban" chickens to the country (a post for another day) Jeff and I were discussing the plumbing in the house.  He said he and JJ thought about giving me a wall mount faucet in the kitchen.  gasp.  How did he know that's all I've ever wanted in my life?

So that's my assignment for today.  Figure out if that really is the best thing to want in life.  I used to think some open shelving in the kitchen was all I ever wanted. 


Then I read up on people's opinions who actually live with open kitchen shelves and found out the truth.  Greasy, dusty dishes.  No thanks, I'll pass.

Some potential problems I see with a wall mounted faucet are things like trying to get both nobs turned to just the right temperature with my one clean hand while my other raw chicken goo covered hand is waiting impatiently to be washed.  That seems like a lot of work, and remember, I'm kind of lazy.  Then there's the issue with the sprayer.

There it is, with its long hose just laying all over the place like it's the star of the show.  Not pretty.  But without it, how will Jeff and I have our little spontaneous moments of flirtatious spraying eachother with it in the kitchen like they do on TV?  Some of the pluses of this style of faucet, however, would be the sheer beauty of the faucets and the sinks that go with them.  Oh the sinks.  They are lovely.  Take the apron sink for example.

Yes, I'll take two please. That wouldn't be the least bit excessive in my 8x11 kitchen.  They are gorgeous!  And their prices start at a mere $500.  *cough, cough*  At that price, why wouldn't I want two?  Or how about a nice under mount sink?

These make cleaning the counter top and around the sink very easy and they look nice too.  Plus, we could use a more affordable sink to get this look, say, your average $40 used sink from Craigslist. I know I wouldn't really have to use a wall mount faucet with either sink but for some reason, just looking at this...

makes my heart go pitter-pat!


  1. So about the two knob vs. the one arm faucet thing, I transitioned to a two knob kitchen sink faucet without even noticing so I vote for the wall mount if you can figure out the sprayer hose situation. Maybe a built in sprayer in the faucet?? Hmm... so many options!

  2. Would you possibly post the source of the beautiful double apron sinks and the kitchen they are featured in?

  3. I wish I could say those sinks are found in my new kitchen but I came across the picture from an unmentioned source. I wish I knew so I could pass that along to everyone. I need to start posting that info when I have it. Sorry!

  4. All the photos of sinks are beautiful but what I love the most is the one on the first picture. It has a very simple design.