Friday, December 4, 2009

Chicken lights.

Jeff is starting the electrical this weekend himself.  Just another one of the benefits of living in an area with no building codes.  Jeff has done plenty of electrical work himself and has really had only one close encounter with death by electrocution.  It was years ago in our first home.  I was in my bathroom pluckin' and primpin' in the mirror next to the bathroom window that was overlooking the open backdoor of the garage where Jeff was working on something.  All I remember was a HUGE white flash of light coming from that back door that made my bathroom lights flicker.  I rushed into the garage to where Jeff was standing with his back to me, completely motionless, staring at the electrical panel on the wall with a screwdriver in his hand.  After a few seconds of horrifying silence all he had to say about the incident was, "Well that didn't work."

As long as he keeps that good sense of humor of his, I think all will be fine.  Besides that, he knows a guy that knows a guy who does electrical work and was able to answer all Jeff's electrical questions through the first guy he knows...or something like that.

We haven't bought our light fixtures yet, but I have a look in mind that I really like.

I suppose it's kind of an industrial look that I like in a fixture. 


You wouldn't necessarily think "industrial" and "cottage" would mix very well, but I think it's very charming.

I'd like to use them in the house as well as for outdoor lighting.

Bub calls them "chicken" lights.  They do kind of have that look.
Lowe's carries a few models I really like but if they're out of our price range maybe we will just string up some chicken lights.

I wonder if anyone would even know the difference.


  1. love the image of the white kitchen..those lights are awesome. great blog!

  2. I love the brass or copper lights in the very first picture! Kind of antiquey looking!