Saturday, December 5, 2009

Back seat! Middle! Feet on the hump!!!

How many of you are familiar with Brian Regan? Let me see a show of hands. Alright, there are a few of you who didn't raise your hands so I'll tell you who he is. He's a comedian. A funny comedian. A while back my sister, Erin, introduced him to my kids by way of CD to which they listened to so many times it just up and disintegrated one day. And now, because our children have to entertain themselves without the help of the TV, they love to do Brian Regan impersonations, all at the same time and pretty much all day long. This is fine while it's going on within the confines of our home but the second those kids hit the door to go anywhere in the car, they all begin yelling at will, "Back seat! Middle! Feet on the hump!!!" Which of coarse, gets the attention of every living person within earshot who happens to be outside during one of these episodes. After staring with raised eyebrows at the children who repeatedly yell this like it's their mantra while they pile into the Suburban, they look at me with a look of compassion and wonder noticing, how well I seem to be holding up under the pressures of raising such a large bunch of seemingly L.D. children. It kind of leaves me kind of feeling the need to explain. So here's my explanation. Enjoy.

Thanks Erin!

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